We're proud to do things differently.

The SMART CREDIT model was the first of its kind in the world: we directly match people looking for a low rate loan with investors looking for a higher rate of return.

It's efficient and online. It lowers our overheads and allows us to pass on the rewards to our customers, so everyone is better off.

We've earned our reputation as an innovator by obsessing about tech, data, and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

A number of financial institutions also invest through our platform.


How do we make money?

We believe in transparency, so our fees are displayed clearly to our customers when they take out a loan or invest their money.

We charge 3 types of fee at SMART CREDIT. They enable us to provide the service our customers know and love.

Loan customers

We charge an origination fee to help cover the cost of setting up the loan. We also apply a loan servicing fee to each loan contract, which is deducted directly from each borrower repayment before the principal and interest is passed on to investors. Both fees are included in the loan's APR.


We charge a 1% fee if an investor wants to sell their loans to access their money quickly. It's free to withdraw money in other ways.

Our investment products

You can sign up to SMART CREDIT with as little as 1.000€. Please note that we charge a 1% fee with our products if you choose to sell your loans early.

Plus investors, returns are likely to be more volatile than for Core investors.

1.000€ minimum

There is a minimum initial investment amount of 1.000€. This is to ensure your investments are sufficiently diversified. Your money is lent out in chunks starting at 10€, meaning no one person would have more than 1% of your overall investment.

Access your money

You can withdraw your monthly repayments as they are paid back by borrowers for free, by letting repayments go into your holding account. If you would like to access a lump sum, you can sell your outstanding loans to other investors for a 1% fee.

Defaults at SMART CREDIT

If a borrower misses 4 months’ worth of repayments, their loan is defaulted and your capital may be claimed by court. After a default, we still make every effort to recover your capital, and return those funds to you. Your projected return factors in expected defaults.